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Buying Owner Operator Truck Insurance
April 30, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Faster Insurance, LLC
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When it comes to buying truck insurance for owner operators it can sometimes be a multitude of things. Expensive, confusing, and slow. The agent doesn't take the time to explain what it is you as the truck driver are buying, and you can sometimes wait for days only to never hear from them again or get a quote you don't like and can't afford. At Faster Insurance, our core mission was to change all of these critical frustrations. 

From the start, we wanted to create a mobile-friendly app that was simple to use for you and allowed you to see what your insurance price would be in minutes, not days. We wanted to educate you on what you were buying other than just purely price. We also wanted it just to be simple. After all, why does buying insurance have to be so darn hard! However, could we pull this off? Well in just a matter of months this will all be a reality where you as the truck driver will be able to purchase the three core coverages you need to operate your business, all from your mobile phone. Just like you book freight, check fuel prices, and buy your everyday business supplies. Now, you will be able to buy your insurance. Now, what will we offer? Here are the three core coverages outline in more detail:

1. Non-Trucking Liability - This protects you from third-party bodily injuries and property damage while you are not under dispatch for the primary motor carrier you lease onto.

2. Physical Damage - This protects your truck when you are involved in a claim such as a rollover or you hot another party.

3. Occupational Accident - When you are a truck driver, things happen. Why not protect yourself from the injuries that arise or god forbid, something more severe like death or disability.

Twelve months ago we set out with just a simple mission and an idea. Now, we are close to making it a reality for the hundreds of thousands of truck drivers on the road to make it easier and "Faster" to buy your insurance.