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What makes Faster Different?
April 30, 2019 at 12:00 AM
by Faster Insurance, LLC
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When Faster Insurance launches in June of 2019, you may ask yourself, "What makes Faster Insurance different from every other truck insurance provider out there?" Well, we will break it down for you very simple.

1. Speed - Ability to get the insurance you need and understand what you are buying in minutes, not days. Why wait 2-4 days to see what the insurance pricing is going to be? Why not utilize our quick quote system or get a full quote and see what your insurance will be as an owner-operator truck driver? With Faster Insurance offering non-trucking liability, physical damage, and occupational accident you can be sure we will have what you need and the coverage will be superior. 

2. Safety - One of our missions is to keep you safe out on the road. That is why with every policy we sell will come standard with an accountability system called Faster Safety Telematics. You will be able to see your speeding, phone use, accelerations, and even hard brakes while you are driving. The best part is your phone detects it via the app! No plugging anything in or messing around with a device. Just press a button and you are done.

3. Coverage - We made sure that the insurance providers we partnered with offered you as the owner-operator, superior coverage at affordable prices. Even though we provide quotes fast, we did not want to sacrifice coverage. We know this is extremely important! 

Come June that hassle of buying insurance as an owner-operator will become a thing of the past. Trust us!